028 – The Blinsky Chronicles–5–Bloody Knives, Mellow Yellow…What Are We Doing and Why Are We Doing It

“Everyone’s got a story…but it’s what you do with that story, what music do you make, how does it inspire you in other ways…I’ve gone through this awful time in my life and it’s inspired me to create this….and I think that’s why we’re telling this story.”

Have you ever looked back on something that you did and cringed? Really, who hasn’t.

But have you ever recorded yourself describing in intimate detail what you did and how you were, over what you would consider to be the worst period of your life, filled with not-so-shining moments –  and then listened to it? Jared has – for this series –  and says he definitely didn’t like listening to what he said.

So mid-stream, the guys step back and discuss the “why” and the “what” behind The BC. Why they are doing it, and what it means to them.

“Truth be told, I hate lawyers.” – Steve Palmer (lawyer)….”It was your case that let me stand up in federal court and almost break down myself …because I let myself go to a spot where …my barriers were gone and I was just going to go there….I’d danced around the fringes of doing that, but in your case it happened…it was this eye-opening moment where I said ‘ahh, I see the enjoyment of doing this.’ ”

Jared talks about how going through it all helped him become the person he is today, and how he would like to help someone else by sharing his story. The guys also discuss parents, President Shorty, Chef Rick and his amazing brunch burritos, wrestling with employees (literally), teaching your kids the rules so they know which ones to break, and how to land the most important job of your life.

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