029 – DUI 360–#7–Brother, What’s Your Inseam (And What Does That Have To Do With DUI?)?

What does your age, your weight, your back issues and high heels all have in common?  According to the NHTSA manual, they are all things that can impair your ability to correctly perform Field Sobriety Tests – yet most people don’t know this, many officers tend to not clarify it – and what you don’t know can hurt you. Since Steve and Jeff are looking out for you, they read from the huge study about drunk people – and non-drunk people – that the NHTSA manual utilizes and tell you what you need to know. They even tell you how to easily get your own copy of it. You can start your own study group! Or just keep listening. Yeah, that’s probably easier.

Steve and Jeff – otherwise known as The Palmer and The Beard – share personal stories as well as talk about the shopping hot spot that is T.J. Maxx, sweatpants that look like jeans, beard oil, The River in Portsmouth, nature vs. nurture, secret adoptions, Jean Scene, being embarrassed by the hot chick who’s trying to sell you jeans, and protecting your freedom by avoiding one-legged stands.

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