062 – Gobble Gobble It’s the Thanksgiving Edition

It’s a Thanksgiving smorgasbord! Wild turkeys, drinking in the garage, corn souffle, the potential perils of the in-laws house, the downside of having two thanksgiving dinners in one day, why state troopers are so cranky on Thanksgiving, the post-Thanksgiving Keto diet challenge, and the most common and colorful reasons that people get in trouble over Thanksgiving – and why we are in the office on Black Friday..

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

But if you do get extra colorful over the holiday and need some help, you know where to find us – www.ohiolegaldefense.com

And if you are in the Columbus area this Sunday after Thanksgiving and could use some real fun – as in big screen football, trying the best chili recipes in town, hanging with cool people, supporting a great local charity benefiting deserving kids – and being part of the first ever Lawyer Talk live event at The Grandview Theater and Drafthouse – shenanigans will happen! – check it out: https://www.parkerleefoundation.org/event/chili-bowl

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