065 – Introducing Cooking With Momma B

Revolutionize your diet and change your health – with Momma B’s down-home – but better – way to cook! When Jared Blinsky’s dad was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic, Mrs. Blinsky refused to accept it. She did her research, applied her legendary culinary skills – and got cooking.

What happened next? Three months after eating Momma B’s new way of cooking everyday, Mr. B shocked his doctor by dropping his A1C from 6+ to 4.7, and no longer needed diabetes medication.  In less than a year, he dropped 40 pounds – and went from a 38 to a 32 inch waist. When asked by his doctor what he was doing, he replied, “I just eat what my wife puts on the table.”

Find out how to work the Momma B magic in your own kitchen! Get great recipe tips and tricks – and find out why this way of eating works. Is sugar more addictive than heroin? Why is there so much obesity and diabetes? “Just with changing their diet, people can reverse diabetes.”

“You get the 6-pack in the kitchen, not the gym.” The guys do a weigh-in, start their own weight-loss challenge, and embrace some Momma B wisdom: “It’s better to do it now, instead of when you have to do it.” More to come with Momma B!

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