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064 – Constitutional Law And Free Speech Part 2

“The question becomes…are we using governmental power to force certain citizens to believe or think a certain way? I think that’s impossible. I think not only is it impossible… it’s unconstitutional.”

How much power do you want the government to have? We all believe in free speech, don’t we? Free speech is core to the American value system and of course the Bill of Rights. But what about when what is being said seems anti-American, morally repugnant – or just plain disgusting? Should there be limits? And who decides?


063 – Stand Your Ground

When and where does “Stand Your Ground” apply?  What are the factors that define self-defense? Can punching someone be legally considered deadly force? Why is Ohio currently one of the hardest places to prove self-defense, and what are the changes to the law that will definitely change this?

Jared shares his personal connection to the upcoming State of Ohio vs. Crystal Bruce trial that is scheduled to begin on December 3, 2018 in Akron, Ohio and shares some of unbelievable details.

Steve, Jeff and Jared talk deadly force, the George Zimmerman trial, CCW, the duty to retreat and the Castle Doctrine, and throwing stars, Samurai swords and barbeque tools as weapons.



Chili Bowl 2018 LIVE with Lawyer Talk

If you are in the Columbus area tomorrow on Sunday November 25th and could use some real fun – as in big screen football, trying the best chili recipes in town and picking this year’s champion, hanging with a bunch of cool, fun people – and supporting a great local charity benefiting deserving kids – then come on down! And be part of the first ever Lawyer Talk LIVE event at The Grandview Theater and Drafthouse! The Bowl kicks off at noon and goes til 4pm.

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062 – Gobble Gobble It’s the Thanksgiving Edition

It’s a Thanksgiving smorgasbord! Wild turkeys, drinking in the garage, corn souffle, the potential perils of the in-laws house, the downside of having two thanksgiving dinners in one day, why state troopers are so cranky on Thanksgiving, the post-Thanksgiving Keto diet challenge, and the most common and colorful reasons that people get in trouble over Thanksgiving – and why we are in the office on Black Friday..

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

But if you do get extra colorful over the holiday and need some help, you know where to find us –

And if you are in the Columbus area this Sunday after Thanksgiving and could use some real fun – as in big screen football, trying the best chili recipes in town, hanging with cool people, supporting a great local charity benefiting deserving kids – and being part of the first ever Lawyer Talk live event at The Grandview Theater and Drafthouse – shenanigans will happen! – check it out:

061 – Pike County Murders Update 2018

The Pike County massacre, the execution-style murder of 8 members of the Rhoden family in 2016, rocked this rural southeast Ohio community and made national headlines. What followed was the largest homicide investigation in Ohio history that just last week culminated in the arrests of four members of another Pike county family, the Wagners. The Rhodens and the Wagners – Ohio’s own version of the Hatfields and McCoys.

Steve, Jeff, Jared and Bill as usual give the off the record details and talk conspiracies, overt acts, grand juries, bug zappers and homemade silencers, Walmart shoes as evidence, pets being used as counter surveillance – and the surface is just being scratched.


060 – Constitutional Law, Free Speech and Politics

“The problem comes when somebody wants to use the government to shut the other side up…that’s when it gets really dicey…”

Where and when do your constitutional rights apply? At work? At school? Do you give up some of your constitutional rights when you go to private school? What should you know about kids, cell phones and free speech? Steve, Jeff, Jared and Bill drop some surprising knowledge, then things get extra interesting when Colin Kaepernick, Tim Tebow, men in tights and political protests get stirred into the mix.

Don’t forget the Chili Bowl next Sunday, November 25, 2018 at the Grandview Theater and Drafthouse! For more information, check out:


059 – Mail Call #2 Election Edition What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?

Our audience asks us some great questions – and we answer them! “Do you advise using dash-cams?”, “What does attorney-client privilege mean?”, “Should I go to law school at 46?”,  “If you delete a dash-cam video after an accident, is that destroying evidence?”, “Has Jeff considered a less-stressful practice area like real estate?”, and “Jeff’s voice is a dead-ringer for what celebrity?” Ok, what would your answer be to that last one?

Steve, Jared and Bill answer our most recent listener questions, try to avoid talking about the election, and also discuss the opiate problem, why adding Constitutional amendments is usually not a good thing, why attorney-client privilege never applies to jailhouse phone calls, and why there are so many Russian car crash videos on YouTube.

Also, find out what prompts Lawyer Steve Palmer to say, “I hate lawyers. God, I hate lawyers…”


Got a question you would like us to answer on the podcast? Be one of the cool kids and send it to: You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.



058 – Psychic Talk Halloween Special Edition

Psychic Christopher Scott reads Steve, Jared, Shorty and Bill – as well as the karma in the 511 studios building – in this special Halloween edition of Lawyer Talk. Who has the most interesting ancestors? Who will find love next year? Who needs to take their vitamins, and whose zinc is being depleted? We introduce you to this well-known Columbus, Ohio psychic and discuss family-psychic connections, 100-year-old crystal balls, and how Christopher’s readings work.

Find out more Christopher Scott at his website,

And don’t be a ghost – don’t drink and drive. But if you do get into some mischief of the legal kind and need some help, give us a call at 614-224-6142, or check us out at Yavitch & Palmer. We’re in the good karma building.

057 – Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws

Medical marijuana has been legal in Ohio since September 8, 2018 – so why haven’t we heard more about it? Where are the dispensaries? What doctors can recommend marijuana for their patients? Who can legally buy and sell CBD oils in Ohio?

Steve, Jared and Bill share some fun facts and inside stories behind Ohio’s first legal “grow operations.” Well, not legal by federal law…more on that.

But the State of Ohio was so efficient in their launching of the Ohio Medical Marijuana program.
Haha, just kidding – they weren’t.

Comments? Questions?

056 – Mail Call #1 We Got Mail. You Get Answers.

Can you still get a speeding ticket if they get your name wrong? Does a police officer have to be in a marked cruiser to pull you over? Can you refuse a breath test if you have a prior DUI/OVI conviction? Can I get my felony expunged?

We’ve got mail! Our intrepid listeners sent in some of their legal questions, and we give answers!  Join Steve, Jeff and Jared as they talk upcoming changes to the law, The Blitz, legal Q & A, Mad Men, using vaping to give up cigarettes, bagpiping lessons, Traeger grills, and the upcoming November 25th Chili Bowl. Do you make an awesome chili, or do you just love eating it? Have fun while you’re helping others and be there when we record Lawyer Talk live! Make sure to check out for more information.

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