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106 – Doc Pelloski and the Cancer Scare

What substances and foods cause cancer? Is inflammation the real culprit behind many cancers? Special guest Doc Pelloski is an expert on cancer biology and shares actual scientific study data with us. He explains the different effects that smoke and vapor has on the lungs, why so many foods cause inflammation and problems in our bodies, the real story behind “Popcorn Lung” that will surprise you, the 3,000 chemicals released by cigarettes, and the lack of scientific reasons to worry about vaping.

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105 – The Case of Masonique Saunders

Julius Tate, Jr. pulled a gun on an undercover officer in a sting operation and was killed by another police officer. So why was his girlfriend Masonique Saunders charged with his murder?  The lawyers of Lawyer Talk discuss juvenile bindovers, firearm specifications, felonies, robberies, conspiracy and why you should be wary of buying things from strangers on Craigslist. They explain the Ohio felony murder rule that maintains that if a person is killed during the commission of a felony, accomplices to the crime can be charged even if they aren’t directly responsible for the individual’s death. Other states have abolished the felony murder rule. Should Ohio?

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104 – Crystal Bruce Follow Up – What Happened

Last week we discussed the The Crystal Bruce murder trial that was about to begin – now we tell you what actually happened. Listen in to get the rest of the story and hear what Shawn Belville’s family had to say, what will happen to Crystal Bruce, how criminal cases are often resolved and why, and other cases we will be covering in the future.

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103 – The Akron Murder Trial of Crystal Bruce

The Crystal Bruce murder trial is about to get underway in Akron. Get an insider’s look at behind-the-scenes information surrounding this stranger-than-fiction true crime story. Shawn Belville, 44, died of a stab wound in September 2017 at the home that he shared with girlfriend Crystal Bruce in Akron, Ohio. The story behind how he received that stab wound – well, that has changed a few times. The guys talk fact patterns, physical evidence, witnesses, evidence tampering and subpoenas. Was it suicide or mur-derr? What would you think? Bringing you ongoing first-hand coverage and expert legal analysis.

102 – Hackers, Lawyers, Cyber Crimes and Internet Security

What exactly is hacking and how do you protect yourself from it? John Sellers, who was 8 when he built his first computer, shares internet security knowledge that can help keep you safe. What is the easiest way to prevent people from accessing your webcam? What is the best way to protect yourself online? Which is more secure and harder for hackers to figure out – a long password or a complex password?  We talk the roots of hacking, Ferris Bueller, cyber crimes, Jeff Bezos, keeping your personal information and your money safe, protecting your identity online including your social media profiles, and why you should treat public Wi-Fi like the Ark of the Covenant.


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101 – Seascaping and Bitcoin

An American who made a ton of money in Bitcoin decides he wants to be free from any country’s laws and decides to create his own Utopian Waterworld off of the coast of Thailand. Thinking he was “seascaping” in untouchable international waters, he reaches out to others on social media to come join him. But the government of Thailand decides they aren’t having it. Find out what happens next, as the guys cover Bitcoin, why video cards are so darn expensive now, the dark web, what happens when you leave the country without a passport, ocean fugitives, pirates, Viking marauders, extradition laws, and why you don’t want to mess with the government of Thailand.

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100 – What is Entrapment? The Legend of Cocaine Island

What do Netflix, “Back to the Future,” and federal court have in common? The guys talk cars, DeLorean, the new Netflix documentary, “The Legend of Cocaine Island,” what constitutes entrapment, federal drug cases and being a federal agent’s “unicorn,” fairy-tales, and the legal perspective on one man’s true redemption story.

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099 – Is CBD Legal?

CBD oils and products are everywhere – but is buying, selling, and using them actually legal? Some people mistakenly thought that the 2014 Farm Bill made CBD oil legal, but a man from Lewis Center, Ohio was recently stopped with a half empty vial of CBD oil in his car that he had purchased in a shop in Columbus and was facing felony drug charges because of it. But the FDA recently approved Epidiolex, a CBD product that treats epileptic seizures. While that seems to predict eventual legal outlets for other CBD products, in the near term it means even more confusion around the legality of CBD.

But Senate Bill 57 in Ohio recently passed, and should begin to lay the groundwork for CBD regulations in Ohio. In the meantime, Jared Blinsky and John Sellers of Advanced Vapor in Westerville and Steve Palmer of Yavitch & Palmer in Columbus share lots of important science, health, marketing and legal information about CBD that you should know.

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098 – The Vaping Special

We all know that cigarettes can cause cancer and everyone is for helping people quit smoking. We know switching to vaping has helped many people quit smoking. So why is there talk within the federal government of banning vaping, but not smoking?

John Sellers and Jared Blinsky from Advanced Vapor in Westerville and Steve Palmer drop some real world knowledge and research on ‘popcorn lung’, teenagers, smoking vs. vaping, chemicals, why some vapes will have a chemical additive and others won’t, the importance of education, and CBD.

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097 – Vaper – Vaping and Big Tobacco

What is the inside story – and the science – behind vaping? We’ve heard that vaping helps people quit smoking, and Jared shares his own story of going from smoking over a pack a day to quitting within three days by switching to vaping. Our guest John from the Advanced Vapor store in Westerville joins us to talk a bit about the science that makes vape work. But what is the real scoop on the pros and cons of vaping? And how deeply are Big Tobacco and the government involved in controlling the vaping industry? You might be very surprised…

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