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084 – Grab Bag

Our listeners ask legal questions – and we give you answers!

The guys discuss photo arrays and why eyewitness identifications are the most unreliable, pleading no contest versus pleading guilty and per se negligence, legal issues that arise especially in bad weather, and much much more.

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056 – Mail Call #1 We Got Mail. You Get Answers.

Can you still get a speeding ticket if they get your name wrong? Does a police officer have to be in a marked cruiser to pull you over? Can you refuse a breath test if you have a prior DUI/OVI conviction? Can I get my felony expunged?

We’ve got mail! Our intrepid listeners sent in some of their legal questions, and we give answers!  Join Steve, Jeff and Jared as they talk upcoming changes to the law, The Blitz, legal Q & A, Mad Men, using vaping to give up cigarettes, bagpiping lessons, Traeger grills, and the upcoming November 25th Chili Bowl. Do you make an awesome chili, or do you just love eating it? Have fun while you’re helping others and be there when we record Lawyer Talk live! Make sure to check out for more information.

Got a legal question you’d like answered? Send it to us at and we might answer it on the next Mail Call episode!