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Introducing The Show at 511

Big changes are coming – be the first on your block to hear about them! Take a trip down memory lane with the guys about how Lawyer Talk first started and get the inside scoop on the new 511 show and other happenings. The guys cover everything from their favorite episodes, the Storm Area 51 project, Mueller, fake news, government intervention, the latest developments with the government and vaping, the future of CBD and hemp in Ohio, and what’s in a name.

113 – Beards, Music, Family and Fun

Come hang with some family and friends of the Lawyer Talk crew! Our special guests include Dwayne Napper, Stephen Linn, Matt Palmer and Drew Palmer. Stephen Linn is not only the not-evil creative genius behind most of the Lawyer Talk art that appears on our Instagram and Facebook, but he is also Jeff’s favorite brother. The guys hang out and talk fireworks, go-kart racing, what they did for the 4th, finding an outlet for creativity, graphic design, songwriting, music theory, guitar, upright bass, horrible Albuquerque drivers, speeding on the reservation, and scorpions in your shoes.

Special thanks to Circle 270 Media, Dwayne Napper, Freddy in Studio B, Dan the Photographer and Stephen Linn.

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112 – Storming Area 51, When Cops are Wrong, and Dirtbag News

Would you like to know if the government is hiding aliens in Area 51? A million people have signed up on Facebook to charge it “Naruto-style” to find out. We discuss why the idea of police planting evidence is so hard for people to believe – and the recent case of a Jackson County Florida police officer who has been charged with 52 counts of racketeering for planting meth on potentially hundreds of suspects.  And we discuss the disturbing details surrounding Jeff Epstein, the Lolita Express and some of those on the unfortunate list of Epstein’s rich, famous, and powerful enablers.

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111 – Meet Taylor

Meet Taylor, the new Research and Media guru at Lawyer Talk and law student extraordinaire at Antonin Scalia Law School. Everyone talks Steve’s strategy to get A’s in law school, how D.C. compares to Columbus, flawless jokes, prison engagements, hermaphrodite frogs, listener questions, and a couple of recent cases in the news out of Portsmouth, Ohio. One involves former local Portsmouth judge, Judge Marshall, who was discovered to have been presiding over cases drunk for years – as well as possibly involved in a sex-trafficking ring with local public defender Mike Moran.

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106 – Doc Pelloski and the Cancer Scare

What substances and foods cause cancer? Is inflammation the real culprit behind many cancers? Special guest Doc Pelloski is an expert on cancer biology and shares actual scientific study data with us. He explains the different effects that smoke and vapor has on the lungs, why so many foods cause inflammation and problems in our bodies, the real story behind “Popcorn Lung” that will surprise you, the 3,000 chemicals released by cigarettes, and the lack of scientific reasons to worry about vaping.

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101 – Seascaping and Bitcoin

An American who made a ton of money in Bitcoin decides he wants to be free from any country’s laws and decides to create his own Utopian Waterworld off of the coast of Thailand. Thinking he was “seascaping” in untouchable international waters, he reaches out to others on social media to come join him. But the government of Thailand decides they aren’t having it. Find out what happens next, as the guys cover Bitcoin, why video cards are so darn expensive now, the dark web, what happens when you leave the country without a passport, ocean fugitives, pirates, Viking marauders, extradition laws, and why you don’t want to mess with the government of Thailand.

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100 – What is Entrapment? The Legend of Cocaine Island

What do Netflix, “Back to the Future,” and federal court have in common? The guys talk cars, DeLorean, the new Netflix documentary, “The Legend of Cocaine Island,” what constitutes entrapment, federal drug cases and being a federal agent’s “unicorn,” fairy-tales, and the legal perspective on one man’s true redemption story.

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096 – Everybody Deserves to Go to College Hollywood Style

How do some of the rich and famous make sure their kids get into the college of their dreams? The recent college entrance bribery and conspiracy scandal sheds new light on the creative, fraudulent – should we say Shameless – ways the rich (like Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy and Aunt Becky)  can buy preferential access for their kids – at the expense of yours. More than 50 people have been charged. How will federal criminal charges change their lives? Realities of the federal criminal investigation process. “Help me to help you.” Creative judges and odd sentences. Would it be better if the wealthy had to pony up more for their crimes?

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095 – Extra Extra Hear All About It! 3-22-19

Yea Mon!  After a week away in Jamaica, we are back bringing you the news. Catch up on crucial news about guns in New Zealand, criminals in cages, salsa balls, dirty Columbus Police Cop, mad cows in the Bronx, No Michigan Marijuana for you!, smuggling with T-Shirt cannons, a quick First Amendment tutorial, and lots more.  Download, stream, and listen.

087 – A.I. Took Our Jobs! Is Universal Basic Income the Answer?

Computers, A.I. and automation are in the process of making a lot of jobs obsolete. 2020 Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is running on a platform of Universal Basic Income (UBI) or Freedom Dividend. UBI would provide every person in the United States a monthly cash payment, kind of like the U.S. paying everyone a dividend for the success of the technology industry and for being a member of the United States of America Club. Yang says the numbers work and that the benefits to society – and the economy – greatly outweigh the price tag.

The guys talk pros and cons, capitalism and socialism, math, more cowbell, Jeff’s kids wanting to make sure other kids have candy too, and if sharing the candy ultimately helps everyone enjoy their candy more.

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