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077 – All in All, It’s Just Lawyers Talking The Wall

News coverage of the debate and endless political posturing surrounding “The Wall” is virtually 24/7. So, which side are you on – or are you on the fence, and why? Over 1 million people enter the U.S. legally every year – not enough, too much, or just right? The guys discuss the parking lot analogy, caravans, Trump, Pelosi, international welfare, immigration reform, where all illegal alien criminals want to go when they are in criminal court in the U.S., and drones, fences, concrete barriers, border patrol – and is a wall even worth it, when maybe all you really need is a good ladder?

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076 – Lawyer Talk Extra Extra Hear All About It 1-11-19

More breaking news from the Lawyer Talk crew.  Hear all about killing for Outback; sleeping with dogs; Second Amendment, HR8, and Gun Control; the need for weed; and much, much, more!

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075 – CBD Pros and Cons – is CBD Oil Legal?

CBD oil is being advertised and sold all over the place – but is it actually legal?

The murkiness of the 2018 Farm Bill and why it is not the CBD oil floodgate some people think it is. Multi-level marketing companies, Amazon and hemp extract, the opiate crisis, Big Liquor, Charlotte’s Web, pesticides, additives and reading labels, government regulations – and what happens when federal law and state law don’t agree.

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074 – Lawyer Talk Extra Extra Hear All About It 1-4-19

More headlines from the Lawyer Talk crew. Don’t count on the weekend fake news. Hear all about Trump and his tweets, wrestlers with “dread” locks instead of head locks, the latest terrorist screening techniques, sloppy joes at the Castle, and much, much, more!!

073 – Lawyer Talk 2019

It’s an action- and info-packed sneak peek into what’s happening with Lawyer Talk and predictions for 2019 with guest Jace Blinsky. The 50th anniversary of Woodstock, CBD oil and medical marijuana, Stand Your Ground, Pike County murders updates, perjury, impeachment, Trump, Kevin Spacey, prosecutors and defenders, upcoming guests and new shows, setting goals, Mamma B, Keto diet updates – and favorite Keto diet cheat foods.

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072 – Lawyer Talk New Year’s Eve 2018

The crew wraps up the holidays with a New Year’s send off. Simple gifts, Trump knives, a bit of news, and how not to get a DUI. Be Safe, have fun, and listen to Lawyer Talk Off the Record in 2019!