096 – Everybody Deserves to Go to College Hollywood Style

How do some of the rich and famous make sure their kids get into the college of their dreams? The recent college entrance bribery and conspiracy scandal sheds new light on the creative, fraudulent – should we say Shameless – ways the rich (like Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy and Aunt Becky)  can buy preferential access for their kids – at the expense of yours. More than 50 people have been charged. How will federal criminal charges change their lives? Realities of the federal criminal investigation process. “Help me to help you.” Creative judges and odd sentences. Would it be better if the wealthy had to pony up more for their crimes?

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095 – Extra Extra Hear All About It! 3-22-19

Yea Mon!  After a week away in Jamaica, we are back bringing you the news. Catch up on crucial news about guns in New Zealand, criminals in cages, salsa balls, dirty Columbus Police Cop, mad cows in the Bronx, No Michigan Marijuana for you!, smuggling with T-Shirt cannons, a quick First Amendment tutorial, and lots more.  Download, stream, and listen.  Ohiolegaldefense.com/podcast.

094 – Local Politics, Law and Old Cars with Norm Murdock of Team Blitz

Norm Murdock is a bit of what you might call a Renaissance Man – he’s done a lot, he’s read a lot – and he knows a lot about a lot of things. An entrepreneur who has owned his own business since high school, he has raced cars, has a journalism degree and a law degree and has also been a lobbyist for many organizations in Ohio.

The guys cover a lot of ground: changes in education, social evolution, too much screen time, Alexa reading bedtime stories to kids, political systems, inside local political scoop, society losing it’s grasp on scientific principles, participation trophies, racing, rebuilding cars, legal history, delicious Lobster of the Creek and much more. Come hang out with the guys at the Moose Lodge!

If you are an old car buff, especially if you are into the old Ford Capris, make sure to check out Norm’s website  – https://www.teamblitz.com/  Murdock’s company just happens to have the largest selection of Capri auto parts in the world.

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093 – From Fight Boys to Journeymen – Armando Ancona, Wild Bill and G

MMA legends Armando (Mando) Ancona and Wild Bill return to update us on what they are doing now and they bring a special guest, G to share his story. The guys talk about giving back and how training, sparring and boxing can be the game-changer that can give teenagers in particular the outlet, the confidence, and the sense of purpose and belonging that can make all the difference in their lives at a pivotal time.

They have all been on a journey to get where they are today, which is why Mando and Wild Bill are announcing their upcoming Journeymen Podcast – so stay tuned! In the meantime you can check them out on Instagram at Journeymen Podcast. If you have questions or are interested in training with either of them, feel free to reach out to us at podcast@ohiolegaldefense.com and we’ll get you in touch.

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092 – Extra Extra Read All About It 3-8-19

The boys are at it again, bringing all the breaking news, this time with a full crew and a special guest.    Learn about medical marijuana, then the mice got high, no Sonic burgers for now, potholes and gas taxes go together like peas and carrots.  Are you retired or did you just stay at the Holiday Inn last night?  News, politics, and a wee bit of politics.  www.ohiolegaldefense.com/podcast.  Download, subscribe, listen.

091 – Gun Law with Derek DeBrosse of Munitions Law Group

Is it legal to tell people you are carrying a firearm to get them to back off?  If your employer doesn’t allow employees to carry guns, but allows customers to bring guns into the business, what can happen if you use a gun to defend yourself in the event of a robbery? What does it take to obtain an FFL, or open a gun store?

We talk with Derek DeBrosse, partner at Munitions Law Group, a law firm dedicated exclusively to representing gun owners and firearms-related businesses. Derek is a regular guest speaker on legal topics for the NRA, as well as an NRA and USCCA Firearms Instructor. An Iraq war combat veteran as well, DeBrosse has a unique combination of real-world and legal firearms experience and drops a ton of firearms law knowledge on us. He and Steve Palmer, partner and veteran criminal defense attorney at Yavitch & Palmer, also discuss their experiences working together to not only successfully defend people accused of firearms-related charges, but to restore those individuals’ gun rights.

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090 – Lawyer Talk Extra Extra Hear All About It 3-1-19

More breaking news from Lawyer Talk.  Hear all about Cohen, Snakes on Planes, CBD raids, liar liar house on fire, Tinder for cows (really), nude roller coasting, the Arnold Expo is germy, hello and goodbye to your Walmart greeter, drugs and girl scouting go together like pbj, there ain’t no draft for men OR women,  what are your change needs?  and much much more.  Lawyer Talk Off the Record.  Ohiolegaldefense.com/podcast

089 – Emergency Preparedness and Safety Training with Nick Keisel, Ark Safety Consulting

If there is an active shooter event or other type of emergency, would your school, business or church be prepared? Would you know what to do? We talk with Nick Keisel, the owner of Ark Safety Consulting in central Ohio, who helps individuals, businesses, schools and churches stay safe by being prepared for the type of unexpected events that we unfortunately see happen too often in everyday places in the news. The guys talk threat assessment, site vulnerability assessment, cyberbullying, Ohio K-12 drill compliance, active shooter response training and mental preparedness.

Nick has an extensive security background with over 18 years of military, law enforcement and school safety experience. In 2000, he joined the United States Marine Corps where he served eight years active duty in the Military Police and Criminal Investigation fields. Nick’s first assignment was with the Presidential Helicopter Squadron (Marine One Security). He traveled extensively in support of the President. Nick was later promoted to an assignment in the Internal Security Department. In 2005, upon graduating from the Apprentice Special Agent Course in Missouri, he became a Criminal Investigator and was assigned to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California. 

​After moving to Ohio Nick joined the Reynoldsburg Police Department in 2009. In 2012 he accepted a role as a School Resource Officer with the Reynoldsburg City School District. In late 2015, the District recognized Nick’s contributions to school safety and hired him as their Director of Safety and Security. 

Nick now utilizes his extensive security experience at Ark Safety Consulting, helping institutions proactively identify security issues and train their people to have the necessary knowledge and level of mental preparedness to not only give them peace of mind, but also how to react quickly and effectively in an emergency situation.

For more information about Ark and the services they provide, please visit: https://www.arksafetyconsulting.com/

088 – Lawyer Talk Extra Extra Hear All About It 2-22-19

Back after a holiday hiatus, Lawyer Talk is here to bring the 2-22 news.  Listen for the Megaton Doomsday Bombshells from Russia with love. The Cosby kids are doin’ alright in the joint.  Fake news on purpose. What does your girl drink? Pepsi or Coke.  Washington’s B-Day. Kiss the WWII goodby. Celebrate a Miracle on Ice.  Do it all while pullin’ tubes with the pres, who’s pitching his own green deal.  Phew, what a show!

087 – A.I. Took Our Jobs! Is Universal Basic Income the Answer?

Computers, A.I. and automation are in the process of making a lot of jobs obsolete. 2020 Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is running on a platform of Universal Basic Income (UBI) or Freedom Dividend. UBI would provide every person in the United States a monthly cash payment, kind of like the U.S. paying everyone a dividend for the success of the technology industry and for being a member of the United States of America Club. Yang says the numbers work and that the benefits to society – and the economy – greatly outweigh the price tag.

The guys talk pros and cons, capitalism and socialism, math, more cowbell, Jeff’s kids wanting to make sure other kids have candy too, and if sharing the candy ultimately helps everyone enjoy their candy more.

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